Three new themes and RSS feed for ENGRAVE bloggers!

After the latest update, which was very successful but focused mostly on our backend architecture and stability, we've be

Huge ENGRAVE update: multiple blogs per user, multiple users per blog and more!

After many months of hard work, we can proudly present the new ENGRAVE. It's faster, better and stronger than ever. Significant changes will allow blog

Feature: XML Sitemap for every blog to boost Google indexing speed

While preparing next big release of Engrave platform, we are continuously developing and introducing necessary features and fixes for our users. One of those features were XML Sitemaps to boost our users' bl

Cross-domain authentication is here! Big milestone reached!

Exposing Steem content to external world was our goal from the very beginning. Engrave was designed to become a platform which will allow users to create blogs and build brand awareness under own domain. But this is all impossible without us

New Engrave engine deployed. It’s faster and better than ever!

This will be a quick note, much more detailed one will be posted in a few days. It's been around one and a half month from the latest update but the development process of Engrave hasn't stopped. In fact, we just deployed an extremely import

ENGRAVE - next milestones for Steem powered blogging platform

It's been more than a week ago, when we published our release post. It's time to write short summary and shed some lights on our future plans. During the first week we've got

ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network

Motivation There is quite a lot of generic Steem frontends with varied pros and cons. But we all know how difficult Steem network is and how much effort it requires to start that kind of adventure. Power users know much about Steem